What is a GOOD first car

November 27, 2018
Posted by: Edward Mac-Palm

The feeling that comes with owning your first car is one that is right up there with having your first child. It is an amazing feeling that comes with a lot of relief. No more long queues to get a commercial bus (trotro) from home to your work place. Day to day activities become much easier to execute in comfort and mostly at your own pace. However, aside all the good things that come with owning your first car; there are also challenges that come with owning a vehicle that you have to consider. There are issues such as cost of maintenance, fuel and other possible unforeseen events. Thus, it is necessary to choose the right first car in order to level out these challenges and make sure you get the best experience out of owning your first car.

There are many great used cars available but finding the right one is no easy task. First cars usually need to be affordable and practical, but they can also be fun to drive too. Below, you would find a list of vehicles that would make a great first car for you.


The HONDA CIVIC is one of the most popular cars in the world, spare parts are easy to come by and repairs are relatively affordable. The Honda civic is quite robust and dependable. Depending on the year model or trim you go for, you can be assured that Honda Civic will do the job.  It is also very economical and drives well. The Honda Civic also has a very attractive body styling and is guaranteed to catch the eye.


If you are looking for something cheap to buy, something reliable, something with low running costs something cheap to insure, the Toyota corolla is a good option. With the 2007- 2013 model ranging prices 25,000ghc – 38,000ghc. The Toyota Corolla is a trusted brand all over the world. It is very robust and extremely reliable; those standards have never dropped since.   It is a vehicle that can stand the harsh nature of our bad roads. Parts are also very cheap and easily accessible. If you are looking for a sportier drive, you should consider the Corolla S. However, the Toyota Corolla is a very basic car that does the basics very well.


Gone are the days when people did not fancy the Korean manufacturers. Kia and Hyundai were often seen as thin and having a plastic feel. In the present day, that mind-set is a thing of the past. The Elantra has beautiful body styling which flows all the way to the back. This makes it a very attractive vehicle. It is also very economical and with the 1.8L engine that makes 24mpg in the city and 40mpg on the highway. The Hyundai Elantra is a compact sedan that has quite a lot of leg room and head room at the back which should seat a tall person quite comfortably.  The seats are not high end quality (pretty okay for the price range) but they are quite comfortable and offer good support. Overall, it’s not a sports car, but it drives very well. The parts are also very easy to find in the country and the maintenance costs aren’t that high.


The Toyota YARIS is Toyota’s subcompact car. It isn’t exciting to look at, but it does the job right. The Yaris is all about fuel economy. The steering isn’t anything spectacular; it isn’t your fastest car either but would get you wherever you want to go in good time. It is also a very affordable vehicle. It should cost you between 20,000ghc – 35,000ghc to purchase. Thus, with the constant increase in fuel prices, the Toyota Yaris is a good first car for your day to day activities. The parts are also very affordable and easy to find. It is also quite affordable to ensure.


The Kia Forte is a very attractive vehicle. It’s stylish and sleek. The Base model which is the Lx comes with a 1.8L engine which has 148 horsepower. The Lx is also very economical and would save you some petrol. It drives pretty well and handles well. However, it has a lot of cabin noise and isn’t the quietest car on the highway. The dashboard is also driver centred. It isn’t made of premium material but it is okay. It has easy to read instrument and the gauges are easy to manage. The seats are also fairly comfortable. The leg room in the Kia Forte is actually great and would seat 3 people at the back comfortably. The trunk is also very spacious. The Kia Forte will do well on our tough Ghanaian roads. The parts of the Kia are also very easy to find. The fuel economy isn’t as good as the corolla, focus or civic but the Kia Forte should be cheaper than the others.

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