4 Reasons Why You Need to Detail Your Car

November 29, 2018
Posted by: Lawrence Adu-Gyamfi

Your car is a priced possession, take care of it

Isn’t it ironic how people buy cars with huge sums of money and end up not taking of them properly? Cars are expensive to acquire, it is therefore fair and wise that owners take care of them at all cost. It actually doesn’t cost much to keep your car which you spent a lot of money acquiring in good shape. You would sit people’s cars and wonder why they even got the car in the first place. If you saw the need to acquire or purchase a car, why not try and maintain it or better still try and keep in shape by getting it detailed. It would surprise you how just some simple, basic mechanisms in detailing such waxing, engine wash, upholstery restoration, dashboard maintenance, etc can extend the lifespan of your car. Your car is a priced possession, take care of it!

People judge you by the state of your car

They say the way you arrive, that’s the price you are. You only do yourself more good than harm by taking care of your car by having it detailed. A lot is said or can be said about you by the way your car looks. A clean, tidy car definitely calls out for a responsible owner. They say that people form impressions about you by the way they perceive you the very moment you meet them. This is usually during the first time meetings. So imagine people having to form bad perceptions about you just by the way your car looks. These people can be your neighbours, church members, colleagues at work or even your boss and the community in which you live in.

You keep your car in good shape and people would form a good image about you. A clean car attracts good clientele as well as good relationships even on the job site.

Detailing keeps your car in shape even for resale

There is a saying that “one man’s poison is another man’s meat”. Your old car that you may be wanting to get rid of may be another’s top priority or dream car. It is therefore always advisable to detail your car and keep it in good shape. Having the interior components of your car in a bad condition will definitely reduce its market price.

For example having your leather seats cracked or your seats stained with some sort of liquid or drink will definitely affect the price of the vehicle if you want to sell it. You would either have to spend additional money changing or repairing them in order to add value to your car or you may just have to reduce the price of the vehicle so that the new buyer can take care of those damages.

Already, selling a used car is somewhat difficult because the car is subject to scrutiny by potential buyers. It is assumed that you definitely need to invest some money into a used car after purchase in order to take care of maintenance. It is therefore advised to have your car detailed often so that the stress associated with vehicle resale can be avoided.

Extend the lifespan of your car

As discussed above, even if you don’t want to sell your car, detailing it actually helps to elongate its lifespan. Just as you occasionally take the car for maintenance, it is also a good thing to have your car detailed often so as to enhance its aesthetic value. For example having your engine washed regularly is one way to surely extend the life span of your car.

Any leakages or accumulation of dust in the engine will be taken care of after the wash. This enhances movement and all the other processes that add up to what increases the performance of a car.

Tips on detailing

  • Avoid washing your car with detergent as this dampens the colour of the car and ruins the paintwork
  • Always remember to stand away from the vehicle when working on the body so you don’t scratch it with belts, zippers, hooks, buttons, etc.
  • Avoid drive-thru car washes: this is because they cause swirls as the brushes are constantly rubbing loose dirt that is stuck in the bristles unto the body of your car.
  • The best time to detail your car is when the sun is set, either very early in the morning or late afternoon in a shade.
  • The best time to do an engine wash is in the morning when the engine has been sitting.
  • It is advisable to detail your car at least twice a year.

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